DAK’s was created from the love story of Drew and Karen. You guessed it, that’s where the name DAK’s came from. Karen lost  both of her parents to heart problems. Growing up Karen saw how much her parents struggled to find tasty salt free options. This was the  inspiration for creating these blends!!! .
Drew fell in love with  Karen and her delicious cooking. He was the one who had the idea to  start selling the blends!!! DAK’s started off small at a local farmers  market and grew from there!
DAK’s realized their mission was so  much bigger than helping people with low sodium diets! Through Karen’s  own weight loss journey with WW, they realized that DAK’s was perfect  for a number of healthy eating lifestyles like WW, keto, low carb,  vegetarian, vegan, and even paleo. Our spices also don’t contain any  potassium chloride so they are perfect for people with hypertension or  kidney problems!!! .
So thank you for joining the DAK’s family!! We  can’t wait for you to take on this wonderful adventure with us!!! Following  us, you will find amazing dishes with DAK’s for a wide variety of  eating styles. This year we want to show even more about our DAK’s  family life which is always crazy, beautiful and ever changing with our 4  year old daughter and 4 🐶 As well as Karen’s journey of maintaining  weight loss. Haha the struggle is real!! We love seeing your life with  DAK’s!! Please post and tag us so we can see it!!! We ❤️ featuring our  DAK family! 



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